Dance Calling

I am quite comfortable calling dances for a variety of skill levels, from complete beginner to intermediate/advanced. I have called at private events and celebrations, regularly scheduled dance series, family dances, and music festivals. I bring a deep love of the tradition, personal warmth, and joie de vivre to my calling and interactions both on and off the dance floor. I aim for my calling to be easy to understand, playful, encouraging, and inclusive to all dancers. I call contras, party dances, and some squares.

I didn’t start calling for dances until I stayed at a punk squat in London. It seemed like the appropriate place to start somehow. Upon my return to the Pacific Northwest, I started studying dance calling more seriously under the tutelage of long time treasure, Marlin Prowell. Since November of 2016, I have been calling at a variety of dances all over the country.

Here I am calling at the Emerald City Contra in Seattle, WA to tunes by Dave Bartley, Amy Englesberg, and Brian Lindsay. Video from Mary DeFelice-Bartley.